Concours pour une installation paysagère

lieu Giare, Sicile, Italie
date 2017
commanditaire Radicepura Garden Festival
équipe projet Ariane Francescato : architecte mandataire
Noëlie Clapason : architecte
Chloé Commeignes : architecte
Julien Pinard : designer, graphiste

The Mediterranean experience embraces many exceptional stories.
The heart of our reflection was understanding of the site of Giarre and Mediterranean volcanoes. We wanted an immersion in a surprising volcanic garden, while using locally supplied resources.

Every single volcanic eruption is devastating for both humans and nature. But after destruction comes life again, on this new fertile ground that allows a much richer flora. After every volcanic eruption, lava flows create natural paths. Hollow vegetation slowly starts to bloom, and as the years go by, taller plants and trees will invade the dark rock.
The visitor gets to walk in the fault of genuine volcanic rock, which architecture and unique composition invite to live an authentic experience.

With vegetation at eye-level, the visitor is fully immersed in the luxurious and diversified flora. The geometry of the fault and the dark volcanic rock contrast with the random assortment of ve- getation, modeled on the true face of nature reasserting itself.

This unique Mediterranean garden becomes a fascinating path for the visitor, unveiling a world of vegetation until then unknown.

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